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Aerosol Linemarker

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Product Code: 5334
Brand: Fountain
Price (exc. GST): $385.00
Price (inc. GST): $423.50

Aerosol markers are an inexpensive and easy solution to marking lines on hard surfaces and sports fields. The machines are simple and maintenance free, and little preparation or cleaning is necessary.
For long, straight, clear lines the 4 wheel Fountain aerosol marker is the preferred machine giving crisp lines in widths which can be varied from 10 - 100mm. Line width is determined by the guide nozzle position and the adjustable height above the ground. Spare cans may be carried on the machine.
Aerosol line marking is particularly suited to asphalt and concrete surfaces where permanent lines are required. Once the line width has been established (since the aerosol paint systems are somewhat temperature sensitive) marking is achieved simply by a squeeze handle mechanism and a medium paced steady walk.
A wind surround allows the machine to b used indoor or outdoor in most weather conditions.

Aerosol canisters are readily available from a number of suppliers. Most are based on a high quality oil based paint system under pressure. Canisters for line marking are supplied with a fan guide jet nozzle to obtain a clean line edge.
Fountain Aerosols have been developed specifically for line marking in 500g size and are available in white, yellow, red, blue and black.
Line length obtained from the canisters does vary considerably and rough or uneven surfaces can be very absorbent.

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